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Super high chrome balls

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  Applications: Cement industry ore collection industry thermal power industry
  Production process: iron sand mold sand casting process
  High chromium alloy cast balls are widely used in the preparation of powder and ultrafine deep processing of cement building materials, metal mines, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coatings, light industry papermaking, magnetic materials and other industries. High hardness, low wear, toughness, broken less.
  In the process of using the ball surface hardness will be further improved, enhanced wear resistance, while improving the mill production capacity and improve the cement surface area and concentrate recovery. Now has four series of multiple specifications, best-selling domestic 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions more than 2,000 enterprises and exported to Mongolia, Iran, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and African countries.
  "Chengda" brand wear-resistant steel ball, high chromium ball wear resistance is better than ordinary low-chromium ball and forged steel ball more than 1.5 times. To a certain extent, increased the fineness of ore, to improve Taiwan production, but also to ensure the quality of ore powder. At the same time, it prolongs the period of supplementing the ball and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. In particular, it greatly reduces the number of supplementary balls.

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