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Wear-resistant ball classification

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The role of wear-resistant materials

  Balls are divided into three types: forged steel balls, cast steel balls, and hot-rolled steel balls.
  Forged steel ball: the use of round steel cut with air hammer forged, forged steel ball wear resistance and the quality of the material used round bar and the quality of impurities or round bar has a lot to do.
  Forged steel ball main material: 45 # steel, and 50mn and 60mn or 65mn more, the current wear resistance and high chromium ball comparable to 75mncr material. Forged steel ball Advantages: broken rate of less than 1%, good wear resistance, cheap, cost-effective.
  Casting steel ball, chrome alloy, cast steel ball is the main component, anti-oxidation and anti-high sulfur, diesel fuel, seawater corrosion performance is poor, the intensity density is lower than the forged steel ball, the crushing rate is much higher than other steel balls . According to the level of chromium content, wear-resistant ball can be divided into the following categories:
  1, chromium content of 1% -3%, hardness HRC ≥45. This standard wear-resistant steel ball is called a low-chromium alloy cast ball. Low-chromium balls are produced by means of medium-frequency electric furnace melting, die casting or sand casting. Its performance is not suitable for grinding accuracy, wear and tear is not large in some of the metallurgical mines, slag and other industries.
  2, chromium content of 4% -6%, hardness HRC ≥ 47. This standard known as the multi-alloy ball, low-chromium steel ball than the strength, wear resistance slightly higher.
  3, chromium content of 7% -10%, hardness HRC ≥ 50 for the medium-chromium alloy cast ball, performance, etc. than the multi-alloy steel ball high.
  4, chromium content of ≥ 10% -14%, hardness HRC ≥ 58, high-chromium alloy cast ball, is a high wear rate of the cement industry, wear resistance ball is better, the application of a wider range, but the price Reason for high performance and good reasons for low cost Because the forging of products to replace the market caused by the gradual decline.
  5 Chromium content of more than 14%, hardness HRC ≥ 58. This is a special high-chromium steel ball, suitable for grinding more detailed, heavy loss of the industry, of course, its price is high, the price is slightly lower than the high-chromium ball.
  Hot-rolled steel ball: According to the choice of raw material of different materials, ball performance differences. Generally can be divided into several kinds to 100mm ball as an example
  Surface HRC55-60, heart hardness 20-25
  Surface hardness of 55-60 30-30 core hardness
  Surface hardness 58-63 Core hardness 40-45
  Surface hardness 58-63, heart hardness 55-60
  Surface hardness of 60 or more, heart hardness of 58 or more
  Hot-rolled steel ball for the peeling production line production, the rapid rise in recent years, not only high production efficiency and its wear resistance in turn enhanced, medium and large enterprises to the second and third mainly super-large enterprises to the fourth and The fifth main, like China Gold, Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group, Tongling Nonferrous Metals.